Gin and Blog It

Gone are the times where your only gin-based option was a dusty bottle of Gordon’s hanging off the optics, these days this joyful juniper berry based beverage has gone pub-lic.

Due to my being absent for Stoke’s Gin Festival on June the 23rd when I’ll be sunning myself in Santorini, (although the people behind the Gin Jamboree event save the day on the 10th and 11th November. Phew)  I decided to rope in a few friends and do a DIY gin-athon of my own.

Friday night in Newcastle-under-Lime (cause of the gin, geddit?) and I was ready to discover if there was more to the town’s bars than beer and Bombay sapphire.

10 Green Bottles 18403231_10154210609766653_8014423350438146742_n.jpg

46 Merrial Street,


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If there’s one thing I love as much as a great gin, it’s an exciting array of craft beers and 10 Green Bottles provides both! The enthusiastic staff are just as happy to suggest a perfect gin combo, as they are to cater to your individual needs. The guy who served me happily created my mad mixture judgement free. Want an impressive present for a gin loving pal? 10 Green Bottles sell a wide variety of fancy gins to take away and gift vouchers if they’d prefer to choose their own. 10 gbEven better still, 10 GB is coming to my home town of Stone meaning there is now the potential for the tasty tipple to become Lucy’s ruin, rather than mothers.

What we drank:

A self designed chemical concoction (just call me Heisenberg) consisting of Hendricks gin, slim-line tonic, a juicy slice of grapefruit, mint leaves and raw cocoa.


A shot of Bobbie’s Schiedam dry gin, a thick wedge of lime and lime leaves topped up with fever-tree tonic.


The Lymestone Vaults18358563_10154210609051653_3752278154694343977_o.jpg

Pepper Street,


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I’m a firm believer in supporting my local community. And if this support happens be in a boozy form, who am I to argue?

I’d heard of Lymestone Brewery and the delicious beers they create, however I wasn’t aware that they also share my passion for gin. Their cosy Newcastle venue hosts a large selection, complete with multiple mixers and plenty of fruity extras.

If you fancy an accompanying snack to soak up the gin , Harry and his staff boast a well stocked with a variety of bar nibbles other than just your average drunken bag of KP nuts.




What we drank:

A super smooth Brockman’s gin with blueberries, cucumber and an elderflower tonic.


Bar Social18425322_10154210605021653_1768644284927198661_n

Unit 6, Lymelight Boulevard,


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When I arrived the place was busy and a little rowdy (I’m more of a “hide up a dark corner” kinda girl) so I was slightly dubious.

However, seemingly one flight of stairs makes all the difference. I was greeted by the largest selection of gin so far, dimmed lighting and plenty of chesterfield sofas to sink into. Bar Social’s gin emporium lives up to it’s name. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed don’t worry, the bar staff know their stuff.

The gins may be slightly pricier than in some other places but the knowledgeable staff, relaxed atmosphere and generous measures make it worth every penny. 18319322_10154210603211653_4144944377211369283_o

What we drank:

An elegant G’Vine Floraison with dried Persian roses, hibiscus flowers and grapes, finished with a Mediterranean tonic.


Thomas Deakin with cubeb pepper, a slice of grapefruit, a slice of lemon and elderflower tonic.


So remember, if life gives you lemons…head over to Newcastle-under-Lyme’s gin nirvana and make them useful!

18300936_10154210602636653_3019259637907127125_n (2)














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