RAWR Power

After my previous Stoke-on-Trend blog I received several comments about missing off RAWR. So I thought it only fair I heed the advice of my fellow Stoke-foodies and have some mid-week, guilt free eats.rawr.png

After spending the majority of my week in a Harvard referencing nightmare (Vaughan, 2017), the thought of eating something that hadn’t been dispensed from the library vending machine was irresistible.

My mind was saying Big Mac, but my body and the sugar shakes I’d acquired from the previous nights Red Bull binge was pleading for something containing a vitamin.

The place has the same contemporary feel as Piccadilly pizzeria neighbour Klay (for slightly naughtier treats) with simple wooden tables and tall stalls to perch on and enjoy your nutritious nibbles.

The menu is full of falawesome food puns, only beat by the mouth-watering meals they described.

I opted for the rawr1.png“Blue Moon” loaded toast (which was ever so slightly swayed by my adoration for its witbier namesake). consisting of a perfectly poached egg, a smothering of smashed avocado, rocket, red onion and a tasty crumbling of blue cheese.

RAWR now serve alcohol, which unfortunately on this occasion I had to dodge (Plum Porter, I will be back!). When I mentioned my forthcoming dissertation the lovely waitress suggested The Energiser, a delicious fruity concoction of banana, apple, blueberry, coconut milk and guarna.

Upon leaving, the aforementioned McDonald’s was far from my thoughts and unusually after a meal out I felt satisfied instead of in need of a nap*. Massive thumbs up to everyone at RAWR for keeping me well fed and less fed up in finals week. Here’s hoping I’ll be back for a celebratory bagel and beer soon!

*I’m a student, so I obviously still had a nap.

To be part of the RAWR movement, click here!

Big, big love to anyone who guesses the music reference in the title.



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