I launched my blog in 2017 as a procrastion of my dissertation and a welcome break from Harvard referencing every second sentence (Lucy, 2018).

I’m an avid believer in spending my money on experiences, not possessions (although I still really like possessions). From going to a local bar I’ve not tried, to a country I’ve never visited- count me in!

My main blog-spiration is to encourage other people to follow in my slightly clumsy footsteps. Don’t limit yourself to that same chain restaurant you go ever weekend or the annual trip to Benidorm- say no to mundanity, and see something new.

I’m always happy to work with events or venues- a blog date is the best kind of date. However all opinions on here are my own. I don’t criticise however because;

A) Who made me queen of the world? 

B) As my Mum said; if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Plus, nobody likes a keyboard wanke…warrior.

Unless of course you own a Mushroom Cafe, or are throwing a Clown Concert. Then I’m out.